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Dealing with MP3 problem while playing Amarok on Ubuntu?

There’s probably little choice for Linux users for listening to music on Amarok. No other music player has gained so much reputation. Amarok really rocks! Its bundled with Kubuntu by default. It lacks in Ubuntu, but available in the repositories. Just downloading and installing doesnt work always. The most common problem which people face is that their Amarok does not play MP3’s. Amarok does not have support for playing MP3 by default in ubuntu. It asks you to enable MP3 support but probably that method is broken. Usually KNotify comes up and complains that crash has occurred. All these problems can be fixed very easily. You only need to follow some steps properly. 1) Install libxine1-ffmpeg package through apt. You can install it through terminal or Synaptics Package Manager. Type in terminal: sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg 2) Now install Amarok through Synaptic Package Manager. You can install through Terminal (apt-get) also, but the former is better suited as there are probably many dependencies. Still if you are unable to play MP3’s in Amarok try installing libxine-extracodec instead of libxine1-ffmpeg, but the former should surely work. No guarantee with the extracodec package.


Foul Play going on Patents?

Lots of talk are going on related to patent infringements by Linux vendors namely RedHat and Novell. Earlier this year Microsoft had announced that Linux kernel violated 235 patents which were owned by Microsoft. An utters shameless and desperate attempt by this giant to keep its control over the market.

This news is hot again by a new firm jumping in to the scenes-IP Innovation LLC and Technology Licensing Corp. This company does nothing except acquiring patents and suing companies who breach it. Till date it has not developed a single software and doesnt plan to develop one. Basically it is a patent hogger. In its patent lawsuit there is no mention of the name “Linux”. The only thing in scene is interaction between a data-processing system and a user interface.

On the other side Red Hat is least bothered, it has brushed off the fears that the latest patent threats may affect its business. Earlier this year Novell had shaked hands with Microsoft to get over the patent fears but Red Hat denied that they would follow the same course.

Keeping the dirty game on Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has said that Red Hat users may have to compensate for the Linux Giant’s patent violations. Meanwhile Red Hat has assured all its customers that the way ahead is smooth.

The whole above post was a classic example how Microsoft and some patent hogger companies can stain this intellectual world of computers just for the sake of money and make desperate attempts just to stay at no one position.

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Gutsy awaits its release, fans hold their breath

Ubuntu is known for its frequent release cycle. A new version comes out every 6 months, bugs and fixed and patched. Millions of developers and contributers work day and night to bring out an excellent desktop distro which is widely known for its ease of use.

The latest upcoming release is Ubuntu 7.10 named Gutsy Gibbon and its scheduled to release on 18th of October. Many new features and going to be added which may completely change the Linux scenario. These new features would be a great help for people who want to switch from Windows to Linux. Some of them are:

Desktop 3D Effects: Desktop 3D effects were first brought out in Feisty Fawn. This feature works even of computers with 256MB of RAM without a graphics card. The effects are a subset of those possible using Beryl or Compiz Fusion.

Firefox Plugins: Plugin Finder service gets more intelligent. It will instantly search all the required plugins flawlessly and smoothly. Installing plugins was never so easy.

Graphical Configuration tool for XServer: Got headache configuring your Xserver by editing the text file. Now this application tool which ease your task. Even dual screen capabilities are included.

Restricted Drivers: Ubuntu comes bundled with only free software and all non-free softwares have to explicitly downloaded and installed. Gutsy comes with a new facility which can be used enable Resticted Drivers which are not-part of standard ubunu installation.

NTFS Writing: What people complained most was NTFS partitions are write protected when mounted on Linux. This problem can be overcome by installing the NTFS-3g driver on any distro on the laptops for students. This handy driver is going to be part of standard ubuntu installation from this release.

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